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The Year 2019​       (Updated August 23, 2019 ​(In red  - New update))

These are the dates where daycare will be closed. Most dates are accurate but do check back closer to the dates for any changes.

FEBRUARY 18 Monday           BC Family Day

MARCH 30 - APRIL 14            Family Retreat

APRIL 19 Friday                         Good Friday

MAY 17 Friday                             Competition weekend (Daycare will be closing at 5pm)

MAY 20 Monday                         Victoria Day

JUNE 14 Friday                             Competition

JULY 1 Monday                             Canada Day


JULY 12 Friday                              Competition (Competition cancelled, so DAYCARE WILL BE OPEN)

JULY 21 - 29                                   Competition in Montana (Will not be attending so                                                                             DAYCARE WILL BE OPEN)

SEPTEMBER 2 Monday             Labour Day

SEPTEMBER 6 Friday                 Competition CANCELLED - DAYCARE WILL BE OPEN

OCTOBER 3 & 4 Thursday         Competition in Washington

​& Friday

OCTOBER 14 Monday                  Thanksgiving Day

OCTOBER 15 -22                            Competition CANCELLED - DAYCARE WILL BE OPEN

OCTOBER 28 - NOVEMBER 4   Competition CANCELLED - DAYCARE WILL BE OPEN                                               

NOVEMBER 11 Monday               Remembrance Day 

NOVEMBER 28-29                        VACATION DAYS

DECEMBER 25 Wednesday        Christmas Day

** Please note that sleepover will not affected by these dates. Please call to check vacancies.