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1. Why doggie daycare?

Dogs are social animals and just like humans, they enjoy having friends, companionship and guidance. When you're away from home for long hours, doggie daycare allows them to be among friends and not get bored. Furthermore, they get their daily exercises and regular pee breaks.

2. What do they learn at doggie daycare?
At Adele's Doggie Daycare, we reinforce the teachings that you have cultivated for them at home. They learn and 1..basic social skills like ‘sit’, ‘wait’, ‘paw’, ‘go pee’ etc. We also instil good behaviour and habits.

3. What makes our daycare different?
We emphasize strictly on quality, not quantity. We believe in a smaller group daycare where each and everyone get our undivided attention. Our outdoor play area is entirely astroturfed so your dogs go home clean, free from mud and dirt!

4. How is in-house boarding different?
Unlike kennels, the dogs are allowed to roam freely in our daycare throughout the day where they have access to beds, sofas, beddings, cushions and blankets. Only at bedtime, do we give them their own private space in one of our bedrooms or in the comfortable lounge area.

5. Can we administer supplements and medication?
Yes, definitely. We follow your instructions strictly on their diet and medication needs.

6.Does my dog go out for walks?
The energy the dogs expel at free play outweighs what they can obtain from walks. And it definitely encourages more pleasant social cues and behaviours among dogs.

7. Should I bring my dog for a visit first before daycare or boarding?
We strongly encourage you and your dog to have a look at our facilities beforehand and allow your dog to get comfortable with our own dogs and others who might be here at that time. This allows them to break their separation anxieties and adjust to their new surroundings sooner.

8. What are the vaccinations that my dog will require for daycare/boarding?
All dogs coming to Adele’s Doggie Daycare will be required to have an updated Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Rabies and Distemper. We will need to have the vaccination documents verified, so please bring them along on the first visit.

9. Can I bring my dog’s personal bed, crate, blankie or toys?
Because dogs do roam freely, in order not to have accidental damage to personal effects, we strongly do not recommend their own belongings. We supply all the beds and blankets here. We also have crates of various sizes.



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