Premium Dog Daycare in Langley and Surrey, BC

Over 10 hours of daycare fun everyday, spoilt for choices between a large playground, an outdoor fully covered play zone (all fully turfed for maximum hygiene and comfort), a heated/air conditioned indoor lounge, Adele's Doggie Daycare is truly one of a kind in Greater Vancouver!

We believe that your dogs should have nothing but the best. Love, attention, care and quality time are synonymous with Adele's. Our group is kept smaller and we strive to find that special balance between our small to medium daycare dogs. On most days, you'll find Maltese, Havanese, Chi Hua Hua, Boston Terriers, Pomeranians, Wheaton Terriers, Golden Doodles, Labradoodles, Schnauzers, Yorkshires, West Highland Terriers (Westies), Cocker Spaniels and many more such breeds with us. It is such a delightful group!

From Vancouver to Abbotsford, White Rock and South Surrey to Burnaby, and even for holidayers coming in from Washington State through Surrey and Langley for a visit, you are always assured of that very special place for your dogs. Come visit Adele's Doggie Daycare and experience one of the best doggy daycare and country club in the industry! 

​adele's doggie daycare


​​Dog  Daycare in Surrey & langley


(GST Included)

1-Day Pass                    $30.00 for first pup

                                          2nd pup from same family gets 20% discount

4-Day Pass                    $112.00 for first pup

(valid for 3 weeks)                    2nd pup from same family gets 20% discount

10-Day Pass                  $260.00 for first pup

(valid for 6 weeks)                   2nd pup from same family gets 20% discount

Half-day rate               $22.00 for 1 pup

(up to 5 hours)

Please download & print the Application form, fill in the required information, and then bring it with you to Adele's Doggie Daycare. Please bring along the vaccination records too! Thank you for taking the time to fill in the form - it'll make registration a lot easier and faster!

Adele's Doggie Daycare Policies:
1. We take in only small to medium-sized dogs (up to 45lbs).
2. Hours to view our facilities: Weekday evenings by appointment only. Please call to make appointment.
3. Dog Walking & Dog Sitting: Within Clayton neighbourhood only.
4. Cancellation notice: 72 hours in advance.
5. Vaccination required: Bordertella, Rabies & Distemper
6. We reserve the rights to reject aggressive dogs, for the safety of the others.
7. Policies are subject to change without prior notice.

Other Services

Dog Shower                                                          $18.90

Dog Walking/Sitting                                        $21.00 per hour

Dog Walking/Sitting                                        $14.70 per half hour 

Chillin' Hours

Monday to Friday : 7am to 530pm

OFFICE HOURS : 7am to 6pm
After these hours, all phone calls and emails will be answered on the next day.

* Daycare is not open on weekends.