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​Hot weather and low appetite

Many dogs don’t want to eat as much when the weather gets hot, and this can alarm some owners. That’s good because it means that owners are being vigilant about there dogs health. Unfortunately, a reduced appetite during the summer months is quite normal. A dog not eating in summer doesn’t necessarily mean he’s sick and more often than not, it just means they’re too darn hot to care very much about food which can be the same even for us humans. Another factor and thing the hot weather brings is lack of activity and more sleeping during the day. For most dogs, that means a decrease in appetite because there body is regulating food intake to match there caloric needs.
So how can we help are pets through the hot months?
Try and feed your dogs later in the evening or when its cooler outside. If you can’t wait for colder weather A good way to help keep cool is to make sure your pups water is nice and cold. Add ice cubes to and refresh water frequently to help them cool down on those extra hot days. Another thing I like to use is kiddy pools or mist spray bottles they work great for humans and dogs alike.
If your dog continue to be picky with there food you can always try to add incentive in there food to get them more interested in there regular food. I like to use baked no seasoning shedded chicken breast or pork , pumpkin, rice, eggs or even crushed up treats.
I hope this helped. please feel free to contact us or comment how your keeping your pups cooled off this summer.