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Being a responsible owner...

The average dog is in many ways is like a child. If you and your family are familiar with the time, attention and energy a young child requires, that's about what you should expect to provide for your dog, for all the years of his/her life.

I always try to discourage people from acquiring a pet on impulse, as a gift, or before they are certain their family members are prepared to make the commitment to the animal for its whole  lifetime.

The simple fact is when a dog is brought home without proper planning and preparation, very often that dog will quickly develop negative, and in many cases, destructive behaviours. When the puppy cuteness wears off, or the family realizes the amount of work involved in dog ownership, out it goes. Given back, rehomed, or in some sad cases, put down.

In every case that I have seen this it has been 100% avoidable; because at the end of the day our dogs are only a reflection of what we put into them. There are no easy fixes or quick answers to dogs. Training and getting the behaviour you want from your dog is a life-long adventure that is extremely rewarding. If you are unhappy with the behaviour of your dog, then there are many different ways to train, though not everything works for every dog. There are so many breeds and personalities of dogs that just like us humans, you have to find what works for you and your canine companion. 

Training and behaviour modification is a hard and sometimes slow process, but when you commit to owning a dog, I believe you have to take responsibility for it. If you are not prepared then seek out help before it’s too late. Talk to and listen to trainers, look online at articles, listen to podcasts, or even talk to other good dog owners that you know. There is a plentiful amount of resources around to help you and your furry friend’s journey that it should never need to get to a point where you cannot handle your own dog. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this. 

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